Lesser Known Spiders-

Endrick’s Spider & Black Magic

These two spider flies are unusual in that they are tied weighted, this makes them great for fishing the duo method, or the point fly in a team of spiders.

Black Magic

Hook: Wet size fly 14 to 18.

Thread: Black, any fine black thread will do.

Thorax: Peacock herl and copper wire.

Hackle: From a starling’s body.

Endrick’s Spider

Hook; Wet fly size 14 to 18.

Thread: Fine brown.

Body: Pheasant tail over copper wire.

Hackle: Grey feather from a brown Partridge.

There are two common methods to attach the hackle, I've used both to show them. You can use either.

Endrick’s Spider

Lay touching turns of copper wire along the hook shank. Worry off the wire at the eye end. Leave the other end to make the rib with.

Start the thread, and wind over the wire in open turns. Use the thread to push the turns of wire together.

Tie in a bunch of pheasant tail fibres.

Return the thread to the eye in touching turns. Wind the pheasant tail as a body. Rib with the copper wire. Remove the excess of both.

Prepare a grey partridge feather and tie in by the tip. Don't strip one side! That's just silly.

Double the hackle, and wind it. 1 turn was enough here.

You may need one or two turns to tidy up. DO NOT USE MORE. Then whip finish etc.

As you start the thread catch in the tip of a prepared starling body hackle. (This is the more traditional method)

Black Magic

Form the body from the tying thread. Notice there is a very slight taper to the body. This happened because the thread twists as you wind it. I started with it flat, and, as I wound it, it twisted up into a thicker rope. Don't try to build a taper if this doesn't happen for you. The body is just two layers of thread. When you get to the thorax area, tie in a length of copper wire and a peacock herl.

Advance the thread to the start point and wind the peacock and copper wire together making a ball of them. Remove the excess.

Double and wind the hackle. At the point I took this shot just one turn of thread is holding the hackle in place. Remove the excess hackle, a 3 turn whip finish etc. finishes the fly.

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