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Fly Tying Videos

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Sequence Step By Steps

A simple bead headed pheasant tail isn’t a difficult fly to tie . Most fly tiers have their own version of this fly. Here I used it to explain some of the techniques I use to make my flies a little different. These techniques include -

How to cover a bead.

How to form a back and tail in one.

How to cover the head of the fly.

How to tie a parachute is a frequent question. Here’s how I do it. You can vary the body materials and hackle colour to tie any pattern you like. The technique is the same.

Developed as a middle dropper fly in 2011, Rough Flies were our fly of the season in 2012 - we lost count of the number of fish that came to them. Tie them in size the range of 6 to 14, and a range of colours.

For rainbows the Orange Rough Fly is the colour of choice.


Photo Sequence

Organza SBS BiColourSbS Soldier Beetle Invicta Brnadlin' Caddis Pupa Nymph Skin Detached Body