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One of the classics of American trout fishing, the Quill Gordon. You may notice that the dressing stops short of the eye. This isn’t a mistake but is done to accommodate the Turle Knot that these flies were attached with.

The CAM Emerger, or Correct Attitude eMerger, is a Steve Thornton fly. Very similar to the classic Klinkhamer , it has some significant differences. These make it a most useful fly. The sail like wing will catch any breeze and make the fly seem to struggle in the surface.

A small un weighted nymph is just the thing when trout are rising but not quite taking from the surface. This one is a size 16 tied with two strands of moose mane hair to give the segmented effect.

A technique, I developed a good few years ago now, that is of great use in imitating midges and caddis pupa, is to weave white Uni Floss (or any acetate floss in white) over a bright underbody of UTC thread. Usually Fl Fire Orange UTC, but Fl Green is also useful.

It looks quite normal when dry, but look at the second photo to see what happens when wet. I've had some great days on this fly. Tie it to the size and shape you want.

Steve Thornton’s Ammonite Nymphs

Steve showed me the colouring technique many, many years ago. This was before he developed this nymph which uses it. Steve isn’t a production tier, so today if you order his excellent nymph you will receive one that I have tied for V.N. It is still the same pattern outwardly, though I have tweaked the technique to something more suited to production tying.

The example above is tied using UTC Fl Fire Orange, not one of the original colours, but I like it. If you want it in any colour then I can accommodate your wish.

An excellent searching pattern. It is weighted but not hugely so. Making it useful for the Klink and Dink searching technique.

Should you wish to tie the pattern yourself, you can access Steve’s original instructions here.


Organza Ribbon Caddis Pupa.

I know not a great name. I’ll have to come up with a better one.

For tying instructions click on the photo