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Furled Leaders,

Simply the best way to turn over your fly.

Thread: 4 ft or 5 ft furled thread leader.

Does the job while casting, then goes limp on the water improving the drift. Best of both worlds. Lines 4 to 6 wt.

Mono 4 ft leader.

Stiffer than thread gives great turnover especially with bushy flies. Lines 5 to 7 wt.

Furled leaders provide a tapered section of your cast. Steeply tapered, they have some weight of their own. Transferring the energy of the cast from line to flies. Can be used with tippets up to 8 feet, and beyond.

These leaders can be made to float with any gel type floatant. They are best treated while dry.

Should you have to pull to break off a stuck fly the leader may return to you in what looks like a horrid tangled mess. Don’t panic! Pinch the butt loop of the leader between finger and thumb and draw the leader through the pinch SLOWLY (if you do it fast you will burn yourself).

Always attach your leader using the loop to loop connection shown on the packet.


£4.99 Each

Furled Indicator

A level butt section to add to your furled leaders. Looped both ends it will sit between your furled leader and fly line giving positive indication of a fish taking your fly. Idea for nymphing on rivers. For maximum visibility it is made using daylight fluorescent material.

The standard indicator above is approximately 2 feet (600 mm) long. Custom lengths and colours can be made to order.

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£3.99 each

Furled Toothy Critters Leader

Casting big flies for predatory fish needs a leader that is designed to carry a a big fly. The Toothy Critters Leader is a short leader furled from Kevlar and mono to give it the strength and stiffness demanded of it. At the business end is 18 inches of 15 kg 10 strand wire, and a screw type attachment for your fly. Simply loop to loop the leader to your fly line, then unscrew the connector slip your fly on. The connector is quick and easy to use. It permits the fly lots of freedom to move and makes changing your fly quick and easy.

£9.99 each