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My articles on fly fishing and fly tying.

Seeing Red

Flies with red in them work well in lots of places. Some times better than others. Here is a explanation for when you defiantly should have red flies in your box.

Published on Rodtrip. 10.4.13

Spring Flies

How we can adapt our flies for early spring trout fishing.

Published on Frankenfly 14.5.13

Ribbon Caddis

A caddis pupa tied with organza ribbon

Published on FAOL 25.3.13

Also here on Crackaig Flies.

Improved Little Black Bug

A fly for those frustrating times when the fish fixate on small black flies.

Published on FAOL 11.2.13

Reverse tied BiColour Nymph

A simple effective nymph.

It might not look it but this is the easiest way to tie my BiColour Nymph.

Published on FAOL 28.1.13