Flies From Alan’s Fly Box

Over the years I have developed many fly patterns. Now you can also fish with these patterns. Some of these patterns are well known, others not so well known. In each case they were developed to address a specific problem I have encountered on the water.

Little Black Bug & Improved LBB.

For those frustrating times when small black flies preoccupy the Trout.

These are tied in tiny sizes, usually the largest is size 18.

Many years ago I gave to Jim Curry, a couple of months later he came back to me wanting more. He had caught 42 trout on the two I had given him before loosing the last one.

A set of Step by step instructions for the Improved Little Black Bug can be found here.

BiColour Nymph

Probably the best known of my flies, the Bicolour nymph came about as an answer to the problem of nymphs with dark dorsal and lighter ventral sides. I first encountered this as a significant feature when fishing Yorkshire’s River Calder. The original was tied from natural and dyed yellow pheasant tail fibres, and was un weighted. Since then I have developed several variations for different situations. Below is the full range that I now use, on both flowing and still water.

The Original BiColour Nymph

Un weighted, this was the start.

Notice the nymph profile and that the gap of the hook is kept clear.

Bead Head BCN

The bead is incorporated into the thorax. Not just an add on as it is on so many flies?

Fancy BCN

One that has worked well as a point fly on the lochs.

Can also be tied with a bead.

Scruffy BCN

With Hare’s Ear in place of the yellow pheasant tail.

BiColour Caddis Pupa.

Well why not?

Type and size

Improved LBB

Little Black Bug





Caddis Pupa

Un Weighted BiColour Nymphs £1.40 ea


Caddis Pupa




Weighted BiColour Nymphs

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Tri Fold (TF) Caddis

A slim caddis pattern with lots of buoyancy. This one has a place in both my river and loch fly boxes.

Fish this either static of with slow pulls, It isn’t one fro stripping fast.It is a good fly for the “Klink and dink” technique.


T.F. Caddis

£1.40 each

Big Al’s Failed Buzzer

This isn’t truly one of my own design, it is a modification of a pattern taught to me many years ago by Alan Roe. It’s a fly for when the trout are picking up small black insects trapped in the surface film.

Position yourself on the bank with the breeze blowing across  you. Tie a large parachute fly on the point and two or three of these on droppers. Cast out and place your rod on the ground. Watch the parachute on the point. Takes to these flies are often so gentle that you will not see them. When the parachute fly moves, bend down and pick up your rod. The delay this puts into the “strike” will be just right to let the fish turn on the fly.

Available individually or as a carded set of 4 with two Black Pensioner parachutes to use as indicators with them. Usually tied on barbless hooks but can be supplied barbed in you like. Usually the  only colour that I find I need is black, if you would like them in another colour let me know when you order them.

Failed Buzzer

£1.20 each

Failed Buzzer Carded Set. £8.99

Thunder Kate

Crackaig flies modern take on the Kate MacLaren traditional wet fly.

Can be ordered with or sans jungle cock eyes.

Hook Size
Hook Size

With Jungle Cock eyes

£1.95 each

Without Jungle Cock eyes

£1.45 each