Fishing Blog, 2014 Season

15th March  - To observe opening day Mike and myself went up to Loch Lansaidh (lansay). It didn't look a lot like the photo here as it was blowing an absolute hoolie.

Setting out along the north bank (right of the photo) I immediately slipped going full length in a bog, putting my back out. Mike was already fishing. I made a few fruitless casts as I worked down to Reedy Bay (out of shot on the right), where I caught up with Mike. He had taken one fish and lost another. The wind was a real problem now, but the fish close in. By wading out a little it was possible to reach them. While I was there he had another.

My first cast in Reedy Bay produced a fish to a wire bodied Tieffy Terror. Soon after another fish took but swam straight toward me, I couldn't keep up with it and lost that fish. That was it for a while so I began to wonder if the action had bushed the fish along the bank a little. I moved 10 yards or so up the bank and found fish again. Taking another, this time to a bead head yellow and black.

Mike had wandered around to one of the points by this time. That was a more sheltered place to cast from. Especially as the wind came round from westerly to south westerly and picked up some. Making it near impossible to cast in Reedy Bay. With my back giving me jip from my earlier tumble, I wasn't going to walk half way around the loch to find a fishable spot.

Back at the hut Mike said that he had found fish at the point, and would go back out after lunch. My need for some effective pain relief outweighed my desire to fish. I beat a retreat home. Later I found out that Mike had finished the day with 16 fish, including a triple hook up at one point.

Back home some stretching exercises involving a strategically placed rolled up towel, and some pain killers brought relief from the pain in my back. Not the most memorable of starts, I can’t help wondering how the mild winter we have had will influence the coming season.

Loch Lansaidh (and Dornoch Firth beyond) from Loch Laoigh

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